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About our win in Oakland

*** Kevin de Leon has been endorsed for U.S. Senate by the CDP ***

Since we earned the California Democratic Party’s endorsement, there has been think piece after think piece about what this means for the future of our party, and for Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Here’s what it means: voters are eager for bold leadership, fresh faces, and progressive values at every level of government.

Having a legitimate progressive choice for U.S. Senate on the ballot this November will strengthen our democracy and drive turnout down-ballot.

I’m proud to provide that choice, and I’m eager to debate Senator Feinstein on the issues facing hard working Californians in the run up to November.

If you agree that the voters deserve a choice this November, please chip in $5, $10 or $27 to our campaign to keep our momentum going.

As I’ve said since the beginning of this race, I’m not running against Senator Feinstein.

I’m running for the millions of Californians who have been left behind by backwards economic policies and the Washington establishment.

I’m running for immigrant children and parents callously separated from each other.

I’m running for Medicare for All, because health care is a human right, not a privilege that only the wealthy should enjoy.

I’m running for Net Neutrality, to ensure Californians always have unfettered access to the internet and online free speech.

I’m running for you, and the millions of Californians who grit through the tough times to provide a better life for their families and children.

I’m running for a just tax system that doesn’t put the interests of the incredibly rich ahead of those working two or three jobs to make ends meet.


Chip in to my campaign to ensure we have the resources we need to give voters a progressive choice this November:

Thank you,

Chip in $27 →

SURVEY: Can you share your input?

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

It seems like our representatives in Congress sometimes forget who they’re supposed to be fighting for — their constituents, not the special interests.

I want to reiterate my commitment to always fight for Californians. Citizens of our district will be at the front of my mind in every decision I make as a member of Congress.

In the Central Valley, there’s so much to be concerned with: making affordable health care accessible to all, protecting our farmers from Trump’s dangerous trade war, and increasing job opportunities, just to name a few. In order to be able to be your voice in Washington, I need to know what issues matter most to you.

Can you take our survey to let me know what issues you care about?

Take the survey

I want to make sure I always know where Californians stand on the issues. Can you spare two minutes to fill out our survey?

Thank you,




The final numbers are in!

*** Fiona Ma has been endorsed for State Treasurer by the CDP ***

Fiona Ma

The final certified results are in, and I’m working hard to ensure I finish solidly in first place on November 6.

Fiona Ma — 44.5%
Vivek Viswanathan — 13.0%
Greg Conlon — 20.8%
Jack M. Guerrero — 19.3%
Kevin Akin — 2.3%

I hope you can join me and Malia Cohen in Sacrame‌nto on Sept‌ember 1‌2 from 3:3‌0-5 ‌p.‌m. at Downtown & Vine and/or at the Raiders vs Browns game (in a suite) in Oakland on Sep‌tember 3‌0 — Kickoff at 1:‌05 p.‌m. (Space is limited.)

As always, I can be reached on my personal cell at 4‌15-87‌1-687‌4.

Thank you for your continued friendship and support!

In peace and friendship,



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Thousands of children are still separated from their families — going to bed each night terrified their parents have abandoned them, or worse.

An article published this weekend detailed babies taking their first steps and speaking their first words in U.S. custody. Precious moments of their lives — and for their parents — that tragically happened behind bars.

Many families are desperately trying to reunite with their kids, but are struggling to cover the cost of transportation and lodging.

That’s why I’m partnering with the Families Belong Together coalition to help reunify children separated from their families at the border by donating to pay for airfare, hotel, and personal items for children and parents released from detention.

All money raised from this message will help reunify families separated by the Trump Administration. Pitch in here, if you can:

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation to the Families Belong Together coalition will go through immediately:

express donate: $10 →

express donate: $25 →

express donate: $50 →

express donate: $100 →

express donate: $250 → Or, donate another amount

The money you contribute here will be immediately used for reunification travel expenses, including transportation, lodging, and a small personal kit to help families get started.

It will also help cover the travel costs of Spanish speaking immigration experts acting as volunteers to ensure that all families are supported and reunified.

Since the Trump Administration is not reunifying families at the appropriate pace, any additional funds that cannot be used for travel will go to support efforts to reunify the families immediately.

I am personally asking you to add a contribution to support families desperately trying to unite with their children. This is a human rights abuse and we must do everything in our power to help these families:

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation to the Families Belong Together coalition will go through immediately:

express donate: $10 →

express donate: $25 →

express donate: $50 →

express donate: $100 →

express donate: $250 → Or, donate another amount

Every single day these families are separated, another child goes to sleep terrified because they don’t know where their parents are. All because of a policy used to punish immigrants fleeing violence.

This is not the sign of a civil society. I hope you’ll take action right now to help correct this human rights abuse for thousands of families.

Thanks for all you do.


P.S. The Families Belong Together coalition is led by the National Domestic Workers Alliance, ACLU, Women’s Refugee Commission, MoveOn,, and United We Dream, among others. They are doing important work to reunify families separated at our border, and I can assure you that a contribution made to this fund will be put to good use. Add your donation today.


*** No candidate for Lt. Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***


For Immediate release
July 23, 2018
Contact: Dave Jacobson, (818) 943-2348
Maclen Zilber, (510) 508-9142
Jacobson & Zilber Strategies


Ed Hernandez’s Bid for Lt. Governor Bolstered By High-Powered Support From California Professional Firefighters

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA — In another indication of his wide-ranging support from working men and women in the race for California Lieutenant Governor, today State Senator Ed Hernandez secured a powerful endorsement from the California Professional Firefighters (CPF).

In a statement released following the announced endorsement, CPF President Brian Rice stated:

“Senator Ed Hernandez is a leader who speaks up for working people and California’s values, and has a real record of fighting for it. Time and time again, Dr. Ed has been a rock-solid ally of firefighters, emergency responders and public safety. He’s backed key policies that invest more in public safety and firefighter emergency response to improve security and safety of communities across California. We endorse Ed Hernandez because we know he will continue this tradition as California’s next Lt. Governor. He’s not just a supporter of California’s firefighters — he’s a champion. We’re proud to stand with him.”

Last month, Hernandez’s campaign to become the next Lieutenant Governor of California advanced to the November general election.

Recently, Senator Hernandez released his new television commercial, titled “Vision of Progress.” The ad highlights Senator Hernandez’s legislative accomplishments ranging from environmental protection laws to advancing healthcare for all and cracking down on the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs.

To view the ad, “Vision of Progress,” click here or on the screen below:

Senator Hernandez also recently announced a pivotal endorsement from the California Labor Federation in addition to over 80 labor unions supporting his campaign for Lieutenant Governor.

In February, Senator Hernandez was the top vote getter among delegates at the California Democratic Party convention. With 1,157 votes cast in his favor at the California Democratic Party convention, Senator Hernandez received more delegate votes than any candidate running for Governor of California, where the top vote getter earned 1,087 votes, as well as more votes than California’s incumbent U.S. Senator, who received 1,023. Senator Hernandez triumphed at convention despite not surpassing the high 60% vote threshold required to win the endorsement.

Recently, State Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez rolled out a new digital video ad, titled “Proven Progressive,” in his campaign for California Lieutenant Governor. The ad highlights some of the Senator’s high-powered endorsements, including from the California Nurses Association and the California Teachers Association, along with his 100% legislative voting scorecard from organizations like the California Labor Federation* and Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California Advocates*.

To view Senator Hernandez’s video ad, “Proven Progressive,” click here.

Significantly, recently California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez’s groundbreaking drug transparency bill, SB-17, into law.  Senator Hernandez’s latest digital video ad, titled, “Life or Death,” features a moving testimonial from Kendall Renee, who is allergic to more than 95% of foods and carries at least four EpiPens with her at all times. Renee highlights Senator Hernandez’ efforts to combat skyrocketing drug costs in the ad.

View Hernandez’s “Life or Death” spot.

To view Senator Hernandez’s “Record of Progress,” digital video ad, click here.

View Senator Hernandez’s first digital video, titled  “A California Story,” 

A husband, father, grandfather, practicing optometrist, and local businessman, “Dr. Ed” (as he is known to his patients) has spent his life bringing quality eye care to predominantly low-income communities.  As a health care provider, the need to improve access to health care for all Californians is what first drove him to run for office.

Since being elected to the Assembly in 2006 and the Senate in 2010, Dr. Ed Hernandez has been a leader on the implementation of federal health care reform – helping expand access to affordable health care, control costs, and improve the network of providers so people can actually get quality care when they need it. Dr. Ed has been a champion by expanding educational opportunity to qualified students overlooked by our public schools and universities, as well as a major proponent for government reform, including fixing a broken initiative system too often hijacked by billionaires and wealthy corporations. Dr. Ed Hernandez is running to take this experience, leadership, and vision to the next level by serving the people of California as their Lieutenant Governor.

For more information, please visit

The Fresno Bee just reported on you

*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

We wanted to make sure you caught this headline in the Fresno Bee, because it’s about YOU!

That’s right. Even with Mike Pence and Ivanka Trump fundraising for him — this grassroots community still outraised David Valadao by over $175,000.

Valadao’s team is in PANIC MODE trying to explain away this setback. So now, we’re expecting a massive fundraising surge from Valadao and we need to immediately start preparing. Can you rush a donation to TJ’s campaign to help us counter their efforts and raise $5,000 before midnight tonight?

Chip in $10 to Flip CA -21

Here’s our favorite part of the report: 

“Most of Cox’s fundraising this quarter (about $509,000) came from individual donations, while the lion’s share of Valadao’s cash ($246,000) came from PACs.”

The contrast couldn’t be clearer. We’re supported by passionate individuals like you. David Valadao is being propped up special interests and PACs.

We’re proud of this, but we can’t celebrate for long. Right now we have to gear up because Valadao and his backers will do whatever it takes to slow our incredible momentum. Can you chip in a donation so we can keep proving that the Blue Wave is real and we CAN flip CA-21?

Thank you,

Team TJ