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*** Fiona Ma has been endorsed for State Treasurer by the CDP ***

Fiona Ma

The final certified results are in, and I’m working hard to ensure I finish solidly in first place on November 6.

Fiona Ma — 44.5%
Vivek Viswanathan — 13.0%
Greg Conlon — 20.8%
Jack M. Guerrero — 19.3%
Kevin Akin — 2.3%

I hope you can join me and Malia Cohen in Sacrame‌nto on Sept‌ember 1‌2 from 3:3‌0-5 ‌p.‌m. at Downtown & Vine and/or at the Raiders vs Browns game (in a suite) in Oakland on Sep‌tember 3‌0 — Kickoff at 1:‌05 p.‌m. (Space is limited.)

As always, I can be reached on my personal cell at 4‌15-87‌1-687‌4.

Thank you for your continued friendship and support!

In peace and friendship,



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Enable images to see this invitation