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*** TJ Cox has been endorsed for CD-21 by the CDP ***

TJ Cox for Congress

We wanted to make sure you caught this headline in the Fresno Bee, because it’s about YOU!

That’s right. Even with Mike Pence and Ivanka Trump fundraising for him — this grassroots community still outraised David Valadao by over $175,000.

Valadao’s team is in PANIC MODE trying to explain away this setback. So now, we’re expecting a massive fundraising surge from Valadao and we need to immediately start preparing. Can you rush a donation to TJ’s campaign to help us counter their efforts and raise $5,000 before midnight tonight?

Chip in $10 to Flip CA -21

Here’s our favorite part of the report: 

“Most of Cox’s fundraising this quarter (about $509,000) came from individual donations, while the lion’s share of Valadao’s cash ($246,000) came from PACs.”

The contrast couldn’t be clearer. We’re supported by passionate individuals like you. David Valadao is being propped up special interests and PACs.

We’re proud of this, but we can’t celebrate for long. Right now we have to gear up because Valadao and his backers will do whatever it takes to slow our incredible momentum. Can you chip in a donation so we can keep proving that the Blue Wave is real and we CAN flip CA-21?

Thank you,

Team TJ