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Democratic National Committee

Each day the Democratic National Committee (DNC) gets a ton of questions from supporters about what the party is up to, what’s happening in Washington, D.C., and how best to get involved to help Democrats win up and down the ticket.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What’s the DNC’s election strategy?
Read how the DNC’s programs are focusing on grassroots organizing while investing in Democrats at the local level.

The full party platform is available here, but for the sake of time a condensed version is provided below. Here are the toplines of what is included in the Democratic Party’s platform:

  • Raising wages, closing the wealth gap, and strengthening Social Security
  • Lowering health care costs, ensuring health care as a right for all Americans and stabilizing Medicare and Medicaid
  • Passing sensible immigration reform that keeps families together
  • Defending our ideals and our institutions
  • Supporting veterans and military families
  • Fixing our criminal justice system to eliminate systemic racism
  • Guaranteeing equal rights for people of color, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ community and all Americans
  • Advancing women’s rights, protecting access to reproductive care, fighting for equal pay, stopping violence against women and electing more women to public office
  • Protecting and promoting every American’s fundamental right to vote
  • Advancing clean energy and climate change action
  • Passing common-sense gun reform
  • Putting forth smarter infrastructure investments
  • Investing in modern education and jobs programs that prepare our kids for tomorrow’s challenges
  • Advancing access to liberty and equality for all

What do the DNC and other party committees do?
The DNC raises funds to support Democratic candidates across the country at all levels of government. 

The DNC is also responsible for organizing the Democratic National Convention, which is held every four years to nominate a presidential candidate and promote the party platform.

There are other party committees that are solely dedicated to electing Democrats to the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, governors’ mansions and state legislatures. They operate separately from the DNC but share the same goal of electing Democrats.

Why does the DNC send so many e-mails?
E-mail is one of the best ways for the DNC to stay in touch with millions of supporters across the country. The DNC e-mail program allows the party to make critical investments in campaigns and state parties across the country. When grassroots donors contribute to the DNC, it supports the work that wins elections.

There are many organizations associated with the Democratic Party. Each of these organizations operates its own independent e-mail program.

If you’d like to sign up to receive fewer e-mails from the DNC, submit the form on this page. Moving forward, you will receive only the most important updates.

I’ve donated, so why did I receive an e-mail saying I haven’t contributed yet.
If you’ve donated to another party committee or Democratic campaign, your support won’t be reflected in the DNC’s donor data.

While the DNC is united in mission with other party committees that work to elect Democrats nationwide, those committees operate with their own independent reporting obligations and contribution limits under federal law.

Please know that your support of the Democratic Party as a whole is appreciated, whether you donate to a party committee, the state party, the county party or directly to a campaign.

How is my donation used?
The DNC is committed to electing Democrats across the country, and your contributions are what make that possible.

By contributing to the DNC, you’re ensuring the party has the resources to build the infrastructure required to win in 2018 and beyond. You’re also helping Democratic candidates run successful campaigns across the country.