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Kennedy Club of the San Joaquin Valley

Kennedy Club of the San Joaquin Valley

Mission Statement

  • To develop policies of and support for the platform of the Democratic Party, and to be responsible for their implementation.
  • To consistently build membership, further the political education of members and encourage political participation.
  • To encourage qualified members to run for elective office and to recommend and support them for public appointments.
  • To promote the election of outstanding Democrats for public endorsements, contributions and other assistance.
  • To cooperate with other Democratic organizations in preserving, strengthening and advancing the principles of the Democratic Party.
  • To cooperate with the Fresno County Democratic Central Committee (FCDCC), the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC), the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the California Democratic Council (CDC).

President: Carole Laval (559) 435-4043

Meets first Saturday of each month at 9 a.m.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions on public gatherings, the Kennedy Club is holding virtual meetings via Zoom

To register to attend a virtual meeting of the Kennedy Club please complete online registration at:

Yosemite Falls Cafe at Granite Park
4020 N. Cedar Ave, Fresno

Kennedy Club Past Presidents
2022 Carole Laval
2021 Carole Laval
2020 Carole Laval
2019 Carole Laval
2018 Carole Laval
2017 Carole Laval
2016 Carole Laval
2015 John Reed
2014 Chuck Krugman
2013 Chuck Krugman
2012 Chuck Krugman
2011 Michael Evans
2010 Ray Ensher
2009 Ray Ensher
2008 Patsy Montgomery
2007 Ray Ensher
2006 Ray Ensher
2005 Ray Ensher
2004 Ray Ensher
2003 Ray Ensher
2002 Richard Martinez
2001 Ray Ensher
2000 Ray Ensher
1999 Rosalie Kelly
1998 Ray Ensher
1997 Judge Lawrence J. Kelly
Founded in 1997 by Judge Lawrence J. Kelly

Kennedy Club Courage Award Honorees:

2020    Myra Coble

2019    Nasreen Johnson

2019    The Whistleblower

2018    Mike Rhodes

2016    Jay Hubbell

2013    Michael Evans

2011    Ellie Bluestein

2010    Lloyd Carter

2009    Hon. John Krebs

2006    Tom Boyajian