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The Yes on Prop 16 campaign is looking to hire a contract-based Coalition Organizer to support, build on and strengthen the Yes on Prop 16 robust, diverse and vibrant endorser coalition. A broad coalition of organizations, including the Equal Justice Society, Chinese for Affirmative

Action, The Education Trust–West, MALDEF, National Association of Women Business Owners – California, AFSCME Local 3299, and dozens of others, are sponsoring the measure to remove Article I, Section 31, from the California Constitution and allow our state and local governments to join forty-two other states and the federal government to operate programs that provide access to equal opportunity programs such as affirmative action.

. I was hoping that I could pass along this job description and you can send it along to anyone that you think would be a good fit. We are looking to hire immediately.

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Amy Wiwuga (she/her/hers)

Organizing Director + Political Advisor on behalf of