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It’s been another productive week for Your CDP Team. See below for a recap of this week’s activities. 


Big Blue Beacon Contest!


As we enter the home stretch of the campaign, we know how hard Grassroots Democrats are working to create the Big Blue Wave. And to make sure these last four-plus weeks of the campaign are as fun, exciting and successful we’re excited to launch the Big Blue Beacon of Hope Contest!
This will be a fun competition to make the most phone calls on key races, and we’re excited to say we have some very exciting prizes… Individual callers can win a chance to attend a basketball game with Mayor Eric Garcetti and the (once and future World Champion) Los Angeles Lakers! Check out the details here


Episode 3 of the Podcast is Live!


Episode 1 of our podcast featured an insightful and engaging discussion with one of the phenomenal Democratic women running to claim Republican-held districts – Christy Smith! Episode 2 featured President Obama’s rally in Orange County.
For Episode 3, we’re changing it up with a behind-the-scenes look at the CDP Campaign effort with the CDP’s campaign team – featuring CDP Senior Strategist Sandra Lowe, CDP Political Director Clark Lee, Coordinated Campaign Director Arianna Jimenez and Congressional Campaign Director Robert Dempsey.
Narrated by Creative Director Jeremy Thompson, don’t miss this fun and informative discussion! Search/Subscribe the California Democratic Party on iTunes, or click here


Executive Board Update


The CDP Room Block for the November Executive Board at the Westin Long Beach has been sold out. The Hotel still has rooms available at Market Rate ($239 per night plust tax). Additional Union hotels can be found here
As many Democratic activists are aware, workers at several Westin properties have announced a strike. As Democrats, we are proud to stand with them in their demands for fair wages and safe working conditions. CDP Chair Bauman has been in regular contact with the leadership at UNITE-HERE Local 11, the union representing the workers at the Westin Long Beach, and they have assured us that the workers there are looking forward to welcoming CDP Executive Board members at our November Executive Board.
We are proud to stand in solidarity with the striking workers across the nation. And we heartily encourage our Executive Board members tip the Union workers at Westin Long Beach even more generously than usual.  

Governor Gray Davis


15 years ago last Sunday, Governor Gray Davis got a pretty raw deal. The voters were angry over the latest round in California’s formerly gridlocked and chaotic budget process. The Republicans – led by the odious and cowardly Darrel Issa – demonstrated their utter contempt for democracy by staging a phony recall. The combination of Republican lies and Schwarzenegger’s star power was just a little too much to overcome, and October 7, 2003, the recall passed with a modest 52 percent of the vote. 
But here’s the thing: Gray Davis was a damn fine Governor. He massively expanded education funding, he worked with Hillary Clinton to establish the Children’s Health Insurance Program that covered millions of California kids, he passed some of the most forward thinking and progressive LGBT rights laws in America, and he signed gun safety laws that have saved thousands of lives in the two decades since he was elected in 1998.
We’ll certainly admit… he definitely wasn’t Governor Feely McFeelington. But he led a Democratic resurgence in California politics and policy that continues to this day, and many of the most successful Democratic Party leaders in California, including CDP Chair Eric C. Bauman, were part of that historic 1998 campaign. And California was made better by Gray Davis’ tenure as Governor. 
Naturally, all of our attention is focused on Gavin Newsom’s campaign to succeed Governor Brown, and build on these tremendously successful eight years. But we would be remiss if we didn’t take this moment to thank the Governor who shattered a 16 year losing streak for Democrats, and set the stage for our continued success in California elections. 
Thanks chief! 


24 Days until the Election. (whew – deep breaths). 

–CDP Weekly Update