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This is a time in our history when we need millions of Americans to rise up and get directly involved in shaping the future of our nation. That’s why we were heartened to see you and so many others express your interest in running for office earlier this month.

We need leaders like you to be fearless advocates for the vulnerable and voiceless in our society. That’s why our team would like to help advance your goal of running for office.

Here’s what we need to do from here: we want to pass your information onto your local state Democratic Party and other partner organizations who are working hard to recruit and prepare progressives to run for political office in the coming years.

In order to do that, we need some additional information about you and your express permission to share that information.

Can you take a moment to fill out this short follow-up survey, which will allow us to better help you run for office?

Together, we can create a diverse, inclusive society, just like the kind we have always strived to build in California. We’re glad to see you taking a larger role in this cause. Best of luck!

Team Kamala