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Donald Trump will mark 100 days in office this week — and we’ll celebrate 100 days of resistance. Help us keep fighting by becoming a Founding Donor to our 100 Day Resistance Fund:


This Saturday marks Trump’s 100th day in office. You know how he plans on “celebrating” it, Michael? A big campaign rally.

I suspect he’s going to be shouting about how “bigly” he’s won during his first hundred days. He’ll brag about how he rushed a series of disastrously unqualified Cabinet nominees through the confirmation process, and he’ll falsely claim to have saved jobs through the environmental protections he’s undone. He’ll declare victory and say he’s kept his promises to the American people.

That’s what this administration likes to call the “alternative facts” version of what happened in Trump’s first 100 days. But we know the truth.

As Donald broke promise after promise, on everything from health care to jobs to national security, Democrats fought back. Millions of Americans joined the Women’s March the day after Trump’s inauguration, and the resistance is still growing.

Together, we stood up to an unjust and unconstitutional Muslim ban. We put pressure on GOP senators to reject Andy Puzder, who would have turned the Department of Labor against the working people it was created to protect. We stopped Trump and the GOP from replacing Obamacare with a deadly alternative that would have cost millions of Americans the coverage they rely on.

No matter what Donald claims, the real story of these first hundred days will be one of resistance — your resistance, Michael.

As Democrats, we’re committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with all the Americans who are resisting Donald Trump. Ultimately, our mission is to ensure that our resistance ends in replacing Trump’s allies with legislators and governors who share our values and will fight for us.

That’s why we launched our 100 Day Resistance Fund this week. As Trump marks 100 days in office, we’ll show 100 days of persistence and resilience — and commit to winning elections.

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Keith Ellison
Deputy Chair
Democratic National Committee