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On Saturday night, 63% of California Democratic Delegates voted not to re-endorse Diane Feinstein’s re-election.

The outcome of the endorsement vote is an astounding rejection of politics as usual, and it boosts our campaign’s momentum as we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with everyday Californians against a complacent status quo.

This is a huge moment for our campaign. Please chip in whatever you can afford so we have the resources to keep it going.

California Democrats are hungry for new leadership that will fight for California values from the front lines, not equivocate on the sidelines.  We all deserve a leader who will take our climate action to Washington, and will fight each and every day to protect our human and civil rights, our immigrant families and Dreamers, champion universal healthcare and create good paying middle class jobs.

It’s time we take California values to Washington, DC, not the other way around. Chip in to help make it happen.

Thanks for standing with me,