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Amy for America
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Yesterday, 19 presidential candidates were at the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame event in Cedar Rapids. It’s a huge deal and the pressure was on for Amy to nail it! Well here’s what Politico wrote: “The senator from next door in Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar… put on a show of force both inside and outside the Cedar Rapids Doubletree Hilton Hotel, where the dinner took place.”

Amy is focused on the issues that matter to all Americans, like lowering the rising costs of health care and prescription drugs, addressing climate change and making sure that everyone can vote. And people are responding. 

To win we have to make sure everyone has the chance to hear her plan to move America forward — and the best way to do that is to secure her spot at the fall debates. Can we count on you to make a donation — even just $1 — and help us reach the DNC’s required threshold of 130,000 unique donors?

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Thanks for being a part of this, 

Iowa State Director, Amy for America