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*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

With his primary quickly approaching, Xavier needs to know that you have his back in his fight to protect our California families and values: will you contribute $5 or more today to show your support?

At two candidate forums this week, Xavier’s Republican opponents criticized him for challenging President Trump’s numerous attempts to strip away protections for hardworking people across our state. They said if elected, they wouldn’t spend time fighting Trump’s radical agenda in court.

Xavier’s committed to fighting and winning to protect people like his parents — a construction and clerical worker — who worked hard to build our country.

Whether to stand up against reckless decisions in Washington that threaten our families and values — or to take down gangs, sex-traffickers, and people who defraud our students, workers and seniors, he’s got our back.

Will you pitch in $5 now to support Xavier?

Yesterday CNBC called Xavier “the biggest thorn” in Trump’s side, but he needs your help to see every fight underway across the finish line.


Thanks for standing with us,

Team Becerra