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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

We are thrilled to announce that Delaine recently earned the endorsement of the The Feminist Majority and the California Democratic Women’s Legislative Caucus, following the endorsement earlier this year from the National Women’s Political Caucus of California. Trailblazing organizations that support women and women leaders across California are stepping forward to support her bid for governor. Please support Delaine today with a generous contribution.

Former Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan of Alamo stated, “Delaine’s legacy of groundbreaking accomplishments in public life in California speaks for itself. I know that as governor Delaine will usher in a new era of opportunity for every Californian. Her rigor when it comes to policy making and long term planning, and her ability to bring the best people together to do their best work, give me great hope for my grandchildren’s futures…and the futures of their grandchildren.

Former Assemblywoman Leona Egeland Rice of Napa said, “Delaine Eastin is a problem solving optimist; a “yes-we-can” leader. I want her to be my leader.”

These women know all too well how difficult it is to elect women, especially to executive offices. Delaine is still the only woman elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction and, if elected, will be California’s first woman governor.

Included in her esteemed list of endorsers are these women legislators: Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, former State Senator Dede Alpert, and former Assemblywomen Joan Buchanan, Lori Saldaña, Leona Egeland Rice, Virginia Strom-Martin, and Sally Tanner. In addition, the list of female county supervisors, mayors, city councilwomen and school board members continues to grow.

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Jennifer Rindahl
Campaign Manager