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*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Delaine Eastin for Governor 2018

Last night, Delaine took the stage at USC in Los Angeles for the first televised gubernatorial debate, hosted by USC and NBC, and in the words of one viewer, she crushed it. Give Delaine a ‘high 5’ with a contribution of $5 or more here today.

Here are some of the top tweets of the night:

@bl00dmeat: In this garbage era of American politics, it’s been hard to really back a political candidate for any kind of election, but seeing @DelaineEastin on #Debate4CA was really refreshing and gave me a lot of hope as a future educator.

@Cormac: @DelaineEastin is the only candidate I trust to speak for our generation.

@Daren_CA: There’s a great choice for governor staring us in the face, California. Delaine Eastin is the real deal. Delaine Eastin has made her career fighting for children and families, breaking glass ceilings and refusing to participate in the #pay2play schemes that dominate CA politics.

@omeedboghraty: Watching @DelaineEastin on #debateforCA and she has my vote for governor. So badass and go offfff

@foodwoolf: @DelaineEastin I’ve never been more excited to cast my vote for Governor. Your corporate-free race, platform, experience in government service and wisdom inspire me. Go Get Em!!!!

@SBfut3: @DelaineEastin reminded me a bit of my beloved Ann Richards — cuts right through the B.S.

And of course, this perfectly sums up the candidate we all know and love:

@NoamtheLeader: Yes! Witty, sharp and pragmatic.

Sadly, the newspapers focused their coverage on the one candidate who attended a high priced fundraiser instead of the debate. In fact, the LA Times managed to mention every candidate except Delaine because she focused on the issues and didn’t take shots at the other candidates.

Show the newspapers what you think by making a contribution today for the candidate who consistently “cuts through the b.s.” to speak for us all.

Thank you all for your passion and support. Your recent donations have helped us get 20,000 views and counting in the past week on Delaine’s bio video. Together, we truly can do this.

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