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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Right now, we have a chance to block Trump’s manufactured “national emergency” over his vanity project — a pointless wall along our country’s southern border. The Senate has the chance to pass a bill and end this outrageous fight once and for all. 
Let’s remember how this fight began: Congress denied Trump funding for his border wall. Instead of negotiating, this President shut down the federal government, throwing the lives of hundreds of thousands of federal workers and government contractors into chaos and costing the American economy $11 billion.
When he still didn’t get his way, this President chose to bypass Congress and the American people entirely — declaring a “national emergency” to secure funding for his vanity project. 
Let’s be clear: this is not a real emergency. This President is choosing to play politics with taxpayers’ dollars. Now, it’s on us to put a stop to it — once and for all. I’m asking you to add your voice next to mine to provide a check on him:
There’s no reason for this President to go around creating fake emergencies. There are plenty of real crises facing our country that need our attention, like climate change, gun violence, child poverty, and more.
Thank you for making your voice heard.
— Kamala Harris