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*** No candidate for Governor has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Delaine Eastin for Governor 2018

The election is now just twenty-two days away. Voter handbooks have arrived and many of you have messaged me, thrilled to see Delaine’s ballot statement prominently displayed on the very first page for governor (you can see it here on page 46).

This placement is incredibly helpful to Delaine as many voters sit down with their voter handbooks when they fill out their ballots. But many of you also noticed that while Delaine’s statement shares space with both of the top Republican candidates, the other top Democrats are noticeably absent.

The reason for this is quite simple, even if it is an indictment of our broken election system. MONEY. In order to include a statement in the voter handbook candidates needed to agree to a voluntary expenditure limit for the primary of  “a mere” $8,753,000.

What does it say when the top Republicans, including a self-funding multi-millionaire, agree to expenditure limits but top Democrats, who supposedly represent the party of the people, refuse?

We cannot afford to elect another candidate representing the best government money can buy. To improve our state and move the needle on massive income inequality, we need to elect Delaine.

Not only did Delaine agree to the expenditure limits she is also the only corporate free candidate in the mix. You have heard me say this over and over, and I still firmly believe, that we do not need the most money, we just need enough.

Volunteers are busy texting thousands of voters every day. In order to pay for these texts and to call more voters about Delaine, we need to raise $10,000 today.

Will you make a contribution here today? I promise you we will use it well.

If you are connected on ActBlue click below for an instant contribution:

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