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*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Few leaders are doing more to stand up to Donald Trump’s radical agenda that threatens hardworking families in court or with other legal tools than California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

That’s why I’m supporting him to continue as Attorney General.

As California’s former chief law enforcement officer, I know how important our judicial system is as an avenue for change — and Xavier’s fighting in every way possible to protect our California families. He’s:

  • Taking illegal weapons off our streets
  • Protecting access to affordable healthcare
  • Demanding bail reform, so that whether a person gets out of jail is based on their public safety risk, not income
  • Securing student loan debt relief owed to our college students
  • Defending our Dreamers
  • Tackling racial profiling

Working towards environmental justice, so that low-income families don’t bear the brunt of pollution

And his track record is clear: he’s not just fighting so many of these battles in court, he’s winning.

Thanks to Xavier, at least 30,000 Dreamers have regained DACA status they lost. Nearly a dozen clean air and clean water laws that were under threat remain in place.

But we have more fights ahead. Trump wants to slash our clean car standards, open our beautiful coastline to offshore drilling, dismantle the Affordable Care Act and the list goes on.

We can’t count on Republicans in Congress to stand with us against all of Trump’s efforts to derail the progress we’ve made. We need a leader in court fighting to keep fighting Trump to protect our families, too.

Will you join me to stand with Xavier?

Thank You,