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*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***

California’s students and those entrusted with educating them deserve leaders with an unwavering commitment to improving access to higher education.

That’s why the state’s 28,000 professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors and coaches who teach in the California State University system are proud to endorse Xavier Becerra for Attorney General.

California Faculty Association (CFA) members work hard to teach our students the critical thinking skills, the technical know-how and the cultural insights they need to be thoughtful, productive and artistic participants in our society. And we’re proud of the partnership we’ve had with Attorney General Becerra in those efforts.

In his tenure, Becerra has fought to protect undocumented students on our campuses, fighting at the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of faculty members’ collective bargaining rights, and pushing back against Betsy DeVos and the federal Department of Education as they dismantle student protections against fraud and abuse.

We look forward to working with our affiliates SEIU and CTA in supporting Becerra’s campaign to remain Attorney General. We hope that you’ll join us.


CFA President Jennifer Eagan