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This is a critical moment for our state to unite behind bold leaders.

Our California values of fairness and equality are under attack.

From attempting to limit access to affordable healthcare to stripping protections for workers, students, and immigrants who help build our country, the livelihood of hardworking families statewide is on the line as headwinds from outside California threaten our progress.

We can’t and won’t stand for this.

That’s why as the CFO of our nation’s most populous, diverse state and of the sixth-largest economy in the world, I’m standing with Xavier Becerra for Attorney General in 2018.

Xavier is not only a friend, he is a tireless leader who fights inequality with every legal tool possible. In just the past year, he has gone to court dozens of times to give hardworking families in our state a voice — and meaningful victories.

Thanks to Xavier, Dreamers — our students and colleagues who lost DACA status — can reapply right now. 

Thanks to Xavier, women can access affordable contraceptives today without employers stepping in to limit their health options.

Thanks to Xavier, oil, gas, and coal companies can’t cheat any taxpayer in our state of royalties generated from the extraction of natural resources on our public land.

Thanks to Xavier, hundreds of millions of dollars in debt relief will go to defrauded California college students. And the list goes on.

But if forces outside of California had their way, none of this would have been possible. Xavier has gone to court at least 26 times — and he hasn’t lost a single lawsuit to defend our values of equality and economic opportunity.

Xavier, like me, was raised by hardworking immigrant parents and knows the importance of hard work. One of his principles that I admire is this: everyone who works hard should earn a chance to get ahead.

Xavier will not let anyone take our state back in time. And he will keep fighting relentlessly to protect the inclusive policies that keep our economy strong, while moving our state forward.

Will you join me to support him for Attorney General in 2018? 

With Xavier in office, we have someone who has our back and knows how to secure victories to support our future.

Thank you.


Betty Yee