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Andrew Janz for Mayor

Fresno has always been close to my heart.

It’s a beautiful city nestled between three National Parks, and it has far more to offer than just its sights.

Fresno is home to some of the most inspiring people.

Just the other day, I read a story about a young man who mows lawns for his summer job. He offered to mow the lawns of his elderly neighbors with low incomes for free.

That is the spirit of the Fresno I know. We are a community who cares about our neighbors and has no patience for politicians who seek only to serve themselves.

Will you chip in today so we can move Fresno forward and make sure the government serves the people, not the rich special interests?

This story is not unique — Fresno is full of people coming together to serve the community they love.

Whether it be Girl Scouts serving meals to families of patients in critical care facilities, businesses coming together to donate beds to kids who need them, or a local summer camp giving a free day camp opportunity to kids who have experienced trauma.

Fresno is a community I’m proud to be part of. And I’m proud to serve as a prosecutor, doing my best to keep it safe.

That’s why I don’t want Fresno to have local government beholden to dark money control. We deserve leaders as earnest and well meaning as our citizens. Will you chip in today to make that wish a reality?

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Paid for by Janz for Mayor 2020

Paid for by Janz for Mayor 2020
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