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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



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About a month ago, I jumped on a campaign that I knew would energize the Central Valley and help working-class families like my own. I decided to become the campaign manager for Esmeralda Soria’s congressional race. Esmeralda has inspired me since the moment I met her – not just her kindness and authenticity, but also her dedication and hard work to make our community a better place.
Races like these are not easy, but right now it is necessary. I grew up in this district, in Fresno and Merced County, and I haven’t seen much change here. If elected, Esmeralda will be the first woman ever elected to Congress from the Central Valley and the first Latinx north of Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. We need new leadership in Washington and a new voice to fight for the future of Valley families. I know Esmeralda will be that new voice for all of us.
We knew it would be tough to face a twelve-year incumbent, particularly one who takes millions of dollars from corporations. While this race won’t be easy, Esmeralda is up for the challenge and so am I. But we can’t do this without you.
I’m asking you to join us.

We’re facing our first fundraising deadline, and we need to show the political establishment that we can put up a serious challenge. Please donate $50, $20 or even $1 if that’s all you can afford to Esmeralda’s campaign.


The time for change is now. Please join us!
Clara Varner
Campaign Manager, Soria for Congress







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