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Mitch McConnell is hurting Californians by cosigning Trump’s reckless shutdown.                                                                                                                                                                         


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Where’s Mitch?

Yesterday, members of the freshman class of Congress — including Rep. Katie Hill from our California delegation — asked that question as they hunted for Mitch McConnell all across the Capitol.


Where's Mitch?

They went looking for Mitch to demand he hold a vote in the Senate to end Trump’s increasingly harmful shutdown and reopen the government — legislation the House has already passed.

Spoiler alert: They couldn’t find him anywhere, and while he continues to hide from the American people, he is harming working Californians by cosigning Trump’s reckless shutdown. So, we thought we’d ask you:

Where do you think Mitch McConnell’s hiding? Let us know your guess here — and add your name to join us in demanding Mitch McConnell and Trump end this shutdown immediately.


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