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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


My grandfather migrated from the Jim Crow South to Detroit, where he landed a union job on the assembly lines during World War II. My father grew up in a segregated mountain town in North Carolina but was able to lift himself and our family into the middle class.

For my family, and countless other workers in this country, the story was the same: if you work hard in America, America will work for you.

But today, for most people in this country, our economy is broken. While the stock market surges to record highs, middle-income families are being held back by stagnant wages and crushing debt.

Today, I’m releasing my plan to transform our economy to make it work for everyone, not just the wealthy few. Here’s how we do it:

1. Empowering workers to raise wages and improve working conditions by strengthening collective bargaining and supporting state and local efforts to protect workers.
2. Extending opportunity for all by fighting for a $15 minimum wage and overtime protections, providing paid time off when workers are sick or when they need to care for a loved one, and ensuring the ability to work without fear of discrimination or harassment.
3. Creating a fairer tax code for workers that rewards work over wealth by repealing the Trump tax cuts for the wealthiest families and largest corporations.

If you believe that we need to provide opportunity and justice for every American, add your name next to mine in supporting workers’ rights.

In Newark and communities across the country — from small towns to big cities — too many Americans are being pushed to the sidelines, struggling to get by and unable to participate in the gains of our broader economic growth.

As president, I will work to transform our economy by empowering workers to take collective action, restructuring our laws to make our workplaces fairer and more inclusive, and rebalancing our tax system so that everyone pays — and receives — a fair share.

Will you stand with me in fighting for an economy that leaves no one behind and works for everyone? Add your name here:


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