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As I’m sure you’ve seen, right now in America there are thousands of children who have been torn unnecessarily from their parents.

Some parents have even been deported to their home countries while their children have been left behind, trapped in cages and hidden from view in windowless warehouses.

Some children – even as young as 4 years old – are separated from the parents with absolutely no reassurance of when they’ll be reunited.

At that age, the world is a strange and enormous place. Noises and smells we don’t recognize are frightening and overwhelming.

Visual information is confusing and difficult to process – much of what we see we have never seen before. But our parents – they smell, look, and feel like home. We know them.

Their voices lull us to sleep at night. This Administration has made it policy to tear the only comfort in a child’s entire world away from them and strand them alone in a foreign land.

What’s happening here is criminal. It’s government-sanctioned kidnapping and child abuse.

It’s unacceptable. It’s not normal. It’s vile, abhorrent, abusive, and goes against everything our nation stands for.

The color of our skin, the language we speak, the flag we pledge allegiance to – it isn’t any of those things that make us human.

No one should have to tick off the right boxes on a multiple choice test to be treated with humanity.

This President and his Administration seems far too comfortable waging this war against defenseless mothers, fathers, and their children who approach our borders fleeing violence, persecution, and terror in their own country.

Now we have audio clips of children crying for their mother or their father over and over and over and over and over again like they are hanging on to just those two words for dear life.

Contrary to this President’s rantings and ravings about Democrats in Congress – there is one person with the power to fix this, and it’s Donald Trump.

Call on the Trump administration to stop this heartless policy in its tracks.


More soon,