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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



Some of my favorite moments on the campaign trail have been with children.

I don’t know if their parents tell them about my plans for a U.S. Department of Children and Youth, or if their enthusiasm is based on some intuitive knowing, but they have a connection to what’s going on that’s so profound.

That’s the thing about politics. Something so wonderful is contained within something so corrupted. I want to destroy the box so all the beauty inside it can come out, and I can feel in others that they want that too.

None of us want to stay contained within our isolated selves; all of us want to break free and experience the high of co-creating something beautiful with others. That’s all that politics should be. It’s simply where we join to create our destiny, not as individuals but as a collective. It’s where we decide not the path to walk alone, but the one we will walk together.

It should be joyous, not ugly. It should be filled with truth, not filled with lies. It should be filled with heartfelt effort to understand each other, not the sewage of personal hate and destruction. It should be free, not dependent on the millions and even billions of dollars that soulless economic forces dictate.

I experience the beauty, the truth, the inspiration of what politics can be each day on the campaign trail.

I’m so grateful to the people who are part of the experience—who attend, who donate, who volunteer. And I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to break through and make it back to the debate stage.

Please donate to my campaign so that we can continue to expand and get back on the debate stage. No donation is too small and the upper legal limit is $2,800.

Let’s expand our outreach in tremendous ways. Our conversation is important and the goal is so worth working for.

Many thanks,

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