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Hi Friend,

Regardless of your political views, we can all agree on one thing; the national political discourse is completely out of touch with the pressing issues facing the Central Valley.

 However captivating (or frustrating) national news can be, local decisions have a more direct impact on our day-to-day lives. 

Issues like health care, jobs, education, public safety amongst others, need a deep level of understanding and can’t be summarized in a 30-second soundbite.

I would love to know which issue (or issues) you think Central Valley residents should be most concerned about during these Midterm Elections.

I invite you to submit your thoughts HERE or simply reply to this email. I promise to read each submission and comment if time allows.

In the next email, I will share a compilation of your submissions to illuminate what’s really at stake for our beloved Central Valley during this election cycle. 

All the best, 

Amanda Renteria


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Amanda Renteria

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