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Over 120,000 deaths and no federal plans in sight to protect workers. California deserves better.

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This was not inevitable.

Over 120,000 Americans have lost their lives, and we’re seeing job loss numbers that compare to the Great Depression.

This is a reflection of Donald Trump’s leadership and a reminder that in 2020, our number one goal must be removing him from the White House.

As your State Controller, California’s CFO, I feel the impact of Trump’s haphazard decision-making during this crisis very personally, causing harm to people’s lives and livelihoods. Every day at work, I am grateful for the leadership of Governor Newsom compared to the recklessness at the federal level, and I think: What if?

What if we had someone at the national level who listens to and respects science and data?

What if we had a President who instead of fanning the flames of racism, commits to rooting out institutional and systemic racism towards achieve racial equity with humility, intentionality, and accountability?

What if we had a leader who acknowledges his privilege when recognizing the experiences and realities of devastating loss felt by millions?

What if our leader prioritizes the needs of working families over the greed of dark money donors and mega corporations?

What if we could imagine a different pathway forward for our state and nation — one where our new normal must center on the neglected needs of our communities of color, women, people with disabilities, and students?

I remain confident in the strength and resilience of Californians. We will pull through this crisis, provided we invest in the empathy, leadership, and compassion of the California Democrats that will safely see us through.

With hope,

Betty Yee
State Controller

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