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We see it across the country.

Giant corporations close up factories, ship American jobs overseas, and hollow out local communities.

Washington doesn’t only let it happen — Washington helps make it happen. From trade deals to the tax code and more, government policies encourage companies to move their money and jobs abroad and keep wages low.

But not on Elizabeth’s watch.

She’s got a new plan for economic patriotism: a set of aggressive proposals to defend and create quality American jobs and promote American industry.

And we’re building a grassroots movement to make it happen — face to face, person to person, based on people’s stories of what’s gone wrong in our economy and our understanding of how we can fix it.

How would it change your life, and your family’s life, to have a president who actually gets results for American workers and creates good new jobs in California and across the country?

Do you have a story to share about what’s happening to jobs and wages in your community?

Fill in this quick survey to let Elizabeth know.

Here’s what Elizabeth’s plan includes:

  • Aggressively using existing government tools to promote sustainable job growth and industrial development
  • Replacing the Commerce Department — and consolidating government programs that affect job creation — with a new Department of Economic Development. Its only mission will be to defend good-paying American jobs and create new ones.

In a Warren administration, American workers will be Washington’s highest priority.

Elizabeth always makes sure that her plans will make a real difference in people’s lives.

So Elizabeth wants to know: How has giant companies shipping jobs overseas affected your community? What would it mean to have new good-paying jobs created where you live?

Thanks for sharing your story,

Team Warren

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