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On the heels of my one-year anniversary of becoming chief law enforcement officer and legal advocate for families statewide, I want to thank you for standing with me in our fight for fairness and opportunity.

From fighting for access to affordable healthcare, to protect LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, workers’ rights, to taking on big oil giants and securing hundreds of millions of dollars in student loan debt relief, we haven’t lost one case yet.

In fact, among the 26 lawsuits we’ve filed against the Trump Administration to defend our people in California and planet, we’ve had only victories to date — 10 of them. The Washington Post highlighted some our environmental victories yesterday, for example, here.

But so many other lawsuits that we have filed to protect families across California are still underway in court — our challenge to the Administration’s medieval border wall, our challenge to the Administration’s decision to end payments for healthcare subsidies, and our fight to protect DACA Dreamers which could go to the Supreme Court.

My hope is to see every legal effort underway through the finish line.

We didn’t get to be the sixth largest economy in the world by sitting back.

But fighting harder and longer will take your continued support.

I hope to earn your support in my bid for Attorney General in 2018. At the end of the day, these fights aren’t just necessary to keep our state moving forward.

Can I count on you to stand with me? 

Thanks for all you do in our fight for fairness and opportunity,