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October 15: Eric Bradley Deep Blue Grant Program Application Deadline Approaching

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 Eric Bradley Deep Blue Grant Program

Campaigns are not won on election day. They’re won year-round, when our most dedicated volunteers and community leaders put in the work to organize and engage new voters. California activists are the heart and soul of the party–and why we can proudly say the California Democratic Party is the largest, most energized state party in the nation.

Eric Bradley was one of these community leaders. As a staunch Democrat and dedicated volunteer, the Eric Bradley Deep Blue Grant Program was established after his passing to honor his memory and continue his mission of promoting young people’s engagement and achievement.

On June 21, CADEM launched the Eric Bradley Deep Blue Grant! Through the grant, the California Democratic Party has set aside $5,000 to fund projects that welcome and engage California Democrats between the ages of 16-35. The deadline to apply is October 15, 2021. 

The criteria for eligibility are as follows:

  • The grant is open to Democratic central committees, CYD chapters, chartered Democratic Clubs, and affiliated statewide organizations
  • Grant projects must be a volunteer project that will target young voters and young potential voters (for example: high school students, trade schools, union apprenticeships, job corps, and conservation corps)
  • Grant projects must be for specific activities (movie nights, dance parties, spoken word contests, county fair booths)
  • Grant projects must have a measurable goal (number of attendees, new CYD chapter formed, number of new members in the 16-35 age group, number of new registered voters, etc.)
  • This year, in order to broaden the impact of the grant, the CA Democratic Party Finance Committee is fundraising to increase the amount that will be awarded to grantees.

To chip in and help support young Democrats across California, please make a donation here:

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Young Democrats are the future of our party. Every time we give young people the tools to lead through programs like the Eric Bradley Deep Blue Grant, we are investing in our future.

 Democratically yours,
California Democratic Party


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