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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Welcome New and Returning Delegates

My name is Lenore Albert and I am running for Chair of the California Democratic party. It is with a heavy heart to have to welcome you when our country and world is falling apart and violence is spilling over. 


The Underdog – The Outsider – Ready to Level up. Advance.

As Chair of the California Democratic party, we would promote everything that would level the playing field for all people inside the party and out. Because it isn’t about us, it’s about the rest of the Democrats who entrust us to do the right thing for the working class.

That includes a bigger corporate clampdown by restricting dark money donations from Wall Street.

I came into social justice prominence largely because of my focus on financial reform and consumer protection. In 2011. As a consumer rights attorney, I stopped over 1,000 foreclosure sales in Yau v Deutsche Bank. 

In this party, I have held delegates accountable who have recent histories of child abuse, domestic violence or harassment or keep supporting Republicans because we can do better. We do need a Rules and Bylaws change.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from CSU Long Beach and a Juris Doctorate in Law from UOP McGeorge School of Law.

I worked for large multi-billion dollar companies and had my own business, gaining experience in reorganizing both corporate and government structures (Turkmenistan post-communism).

As co-chair of Credentials Standing Committee, I understand the various issues the party grapples with throughout the state.

I owe no one and no one owns me. No one has been promised a position for their support in this race. It will be a level playing field where everyone will have a chance to sit at the table

I promise you I will not threaten, bully or harass you. I promise if elected as your Chair, I will not retaliate against you for your vote for another candidate. I did not sign the stunt statement at the LACDP because, I believe as your next Chair I must demonstrate I believe in Due Process rights of all members of this delegation. I promise not to jump to hasty conclusions based on allegations or accusations. However, I will take firm and swift action to make sure anyone is removed who has been proven to have violated our rules or bylaws. 

Stop Hate Campaigns Now

There is no room in this world for hate! 

From the swastika beer pong, Nazi posters hanging in our Orange County high schools, to the 49 or so murdered by white terrorists in New Zealand, we can see words matter.

What is an effective smear campaign for votes for one political campaign could incite a person into violence and hurt innocent people. The Islamophobia and fear of immigrants has proven this point. What can we do about it? A lot. Political campaigns that build their base using fear, hate and division have no legitimate place here. We need to set the example. Call out people when you see them using these tactics because we can only build a society from how we conduct ourselves. My ask of you is to set the example. Figure out a way to support your candidates without using fear and hate campaign tactics.


Long Beach Delegate Training – Progressive Issues are Important

Explaining why the Green New Deal Is Important for the working class our party supports.


Riverside Candidate Forum – Party Unity

We can unite. This photo is worth 1,000 words. We can also lead. All candidates now know they cannot refuse to shake my hand before and after every forum. I will chase them down! 🙂 My pledge that everyone gets a seat at the table because no promises have been made in this campaign to anyone is real.  Level up. Advance.


Los Angeles CDP Chair Endorsement – Qualifications

Proposing the notion that we can reorganize our ADEM elections in such a way to increase representation for all Democrats by redistricting and adding seats to our Delegation.


Let’s Meet on the Campaign Trail

Join our grassroots campaign by emailing me:  
Click on this link for our campaign trail schedule. (We have not been invited to all forums. This list is being updated. Check in to confirm if we have been invited to an event you want to attend.)

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