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It’s been another productive week for the CDP. See below for a recap of the week’s activities.

RIP Mayor Ed Lee
We were all stunned and saddened by the passing of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee this week. As Chair Bauman said in his statement, “Mayor Ed Lee was the very model of a savvy and successful 21st Century mayor—deeply knowledgeable about his city, deeply committed to its success, and compassionate and friendly to all he met.” Our thoughts and prayers are with Mayor Lee’s family, and with the city that he so ably and effectively led.

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Convention Information Coming Next Week
Registration for the 2018 California Democrats State Convention will be open starting next week. We’ll also be posting lodging information on the website. Make sure you take advantage of the early registration rate. Information on how to register will be sent to delegates via e-mail and post card. We are planning an exciting lineup of speakers and events. Information will be posted on soon as it becomes available.

Last week, we highlighted the #MillionsOfJobs campaign by a coalition of Congressional Democrats, transportation advocates and our compatriots in the Labor Movement to fight for genuine investments in our crumbling infrastructure that will create millions of jobs across the Country. This is a great opportunity for us to not only fight for an issue that affects every Californian, but to hold Republican feet to the fire for their shameless lies about government investments in roads, bridges and public transit. If you’re planning on taking action on this important issue, we’d love to hear from you – e-mail CDP Senior Strategist Sandra Lowe at Sign up for e-mail updates from the #MillionsOfJobs campaign here.

Doug Jones won in Alabama this week, and if you’re still getting a little misty-eyed about such a huge victory for the resistance, well… your CDP team is right there with you. The best part of this victory is the fact that it was powered by extraordinary turnout in the African American communities of the state and the growing #MeToo movement. California Democrats stepped up to help by attending phone bank meet-ups organized by Democratic Clubs and Indivisible Groups, contributing to the Doug Jones campaign, and making GOTV phone calls using the online tool set up by the Jones campaign.

As a result of this win, Democrats have a realistic (if difficult) path to winning back control of the US Senate next year. But more importantly, an honorable and decent person—someone who finally secured justice for the four little girls who died in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing—will serve in the United States Senate. As Chair Bauman said in his statement, this election truly was “a triumph for justice, common sense, and basic human decency.”

Congratulations, Senator-Elect Doug Jones!


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One week closer to 2018!

— CDP Update