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International Day of the Migrant – Wednesday, 12/18/2019  

On this day we celebrate the International Day of the Migrant: we honor immigrants and commit ourselves to the movement for respect of their humanity and basic rights.

We support their right to live in their countries of origin, free of military, economic and environmental aggression. 

 We support their right to cross borders to seek safety and provide for their families.

12/18/2019, 4:00 p.m.

Vigil at the Fresno County Jail

1225 M Street, Fresno

March to the ICE holding facility

733 L Street

The historic relationship of the United States with Latin America is like that of Europe with Asia and Africa. It has been a history of intervention and exploitation of the natural and human resources. 

This has caused extreme poverty, the destruction of natural habitats, and stagnated development for the descendants of the first peoples of this continent. As a result, millions are unable to attain their human, intellectual and creative capacity. Many are forced to leave their homes in order to survive.

For info: 559 908-6701,