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*** No candidate for U.S. Senate has been endorsed by the CDP ***

Illegal border crossings in the US are at their lowest levels since 1971. We must keep our country safe, but border patrol agents are more than prepared for the ebb and flow of border crossings.

So why is Trump requesting that National Guard units be sent to the border while he waits for his racist sham of a wall to be built?

The same reason his Justice Department is suing California over legislation we passed to protect immigrants: to use racism and xenophobia to divide us, incite fears, and stoke tensions with Mexico.

Here’s how we fight back: Pooling our collective voices and power together, demanding accountability, and demanding that states across the country rise to the challenge.

Your voices can help provide the support states need to reject Trump’s request, and keep their National Guard units at the ready for real threats, not Trump’s political ploys.

Add your name today to tell Trump that we won’t stand for a militarized border with Mexico >>

All my life, as a kid growing up in poverty in a border town, as a community organizer, and as a legislator, I’ve seen first-hand the contributions of the undocumented community to California’s culture and economy.

I know that tearing families apart is bad for business, not just our global image.

And I know that militarizing our border with Mexico is the act of a desperate president, eager to appease his extreme right-wing base at any cost to our nation.

California needs a leader in the Senate to take these fights head on and win. Nothing less than the future of our state and country is at stake. That’s why I’m running.

Please take action now and send a message that a militarized border is unacceptable.

We’ll defeat this together,