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Join us for the People's Day of Action

Prominent Democrats, including President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, have been targeted with explosive packages sent through the mail. Just this morning, a suspicious package was intercepted at a mail facility in California addressed to me.

This is an attempt to intimidate, suppress, and stifle the work we’ve been doing. With 11 days to go until the midterm elections that will define our country, we won’t back down.

I’m thankful no one has been hurt, and I’ve been working closely with my staff to ensure everyone here at NextGen America remains safe. But I want to emphasize: This will not deter us.

We are still ready to turn out in record numbers at the polls on November 6.

We are seeing a systematic attack on our democracy and our rule of law that extends much further than these assassination attempts. Whether it’s voter suppression, voter intimidation, attacks on our free press, gerrymandering, or attempted violence, the trust and norms that are the actual basis for our civil society and political system are being eroded.

Donald Trump has called us an “angry mob,” but we call it democracy. Make a plan to vote on November 6.

Thank you,

Tom Steyer
NextGen America

P.S. If you’re unsure about where or how you’ll vote on Election Day, confirm your polling information here. Let’s not leave anything to chance.

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