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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



Dear Sister and Brother Democratic Convention Delegates:

We are all members of California’s Democratic National Committee delegation.  We are a diverse, talented and outspoken group.  We don’t always agree, but the conversations among members of our delegation are frank, constructive and predicated on mutual respect.  As First Vice-Chair of our Party, Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker is a vital and respected member of our delegation.

We are fortunate to have her passion and experience in our delegation and speaking on our behalf at the Association of State Democratic Party Chairs and DNC Rules Committee meetings.  And whether it is her efforts to unmask and combat the Koch brothers’ deceptive “Libre” effort to recruit Latino voters or her GOTV efforts here in California and neighboring Nevada, Alex’s passion and experience lead to real results. 

As you face the critically important decision about who should be our next female Vice-Chair, we, her colleagues on the DNC, thought we should share our experiences with you.


Steven K. Alari

Becca Doten

Maria Elena Durazo

Jess Durfee

Mary Ellen Early

Alice Germond

Alice Huffman

Aleita Huguenin

Michael Kapp

Andrew Lachman

Mattie McFadden Lawson

Hon. Otto Lee

Hon. Evan Low

Sandra Lowe

Bob Mulholland

Christine Pelosi

Hon. John A. Pérez

Hon. Greg Pettis

Melahat Rafiei

Susie Shannon

Garry S. Shay

Hon. Hilda Solis

Keith Kaz Umemoto

Laurence Zakson



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