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Brynne Kennedy for Congress

Last week, the New York Times reported that Russia has been offering terrorists bounties for targeting American troops.

The highest levels of our intelligence community and government have been aware of these allegations for months but have yet to respond.

This is unacceptable and should outrage everyone — regardless of political party.

But we have heard nothing from Tom McClintock.

As the daughter and granddaughter of proud U.S. veterans, I know the treatment of the brave men and women who defend us around the world is the most critical and solemn responsibility of our government.

And when credible allegations like this are swept under the rug, our enemies are emboldened and our troops are endangered. We can’t let that happen.

At a minimum, this report warrants immediate investigation. Congress should be calling witnesses to testify.

Our troops deserve the support of every American. Anyone, or any foreign power, conspiring to kill American soldiers must be held accountable, and our leaders must make it clear that such malign activities will never be tolerated.

Demand action now — add your name to this petition calling for an immediate congressional investigation into the report of Russia targeting our troops.

While Tom McClintock has proven himself too weak and feeble to speak up, we must. Our service members are heroes, and they need to know we have their backs.

We need answers now. We need an investigation. And we need to make it clear that anyone who targets American troops will be held accountable.

Congress must convene an investigation to get the facts and information — add your name to this petition calling for just that.

Thanks for taking action. This is too serious to sit on the sidelines.

— Brynne Kennedy

Brynne Kennedy is running for Congress in California’s Fourth District because she believes Americans can do more together. An accomplished businesswoman, Brynne has created new solutions to help employers and workers thrive in today’s economy. As our voice in Washington, she will fight to take our government back from the corrupt special interests and will put partisanship aside to put our communities first.

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