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Amy for America
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On the ground, it’s clear that momentum is on Amy’s side. A recent event in Des Moines was so full that Iowa Starting Line reported that “people were looking in the windows for a peek” of Amy! 

But our campaign is now facing an important test: The DNC’s new requirements for the fall debates say candidates need contributions from 130,000 unique donors in order to qualify. 

We need Amy’s message to be heard in the debates, and that means we need your help! Will you donate $1 today to help Amy qualify for the fall debates? 

We quickly reached the threshold for the first debates, and we can reach this one too. But Amy doesn’t have a big political machine, and she isn’t taking money from corporate PACs, federal lobbyists or fossil fuel executives. So to reach the 130,000 donor goal, we need help from supporters like you. Donate $1 today to help Amy spread her message. 

— Team Amy