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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


During World War II, my grandfather was an assembly line worker and United Automobile Workers union rep at a Ford plant outside of Detroit.

He showed me the power of collective action as a force for good that can improve people’s lives and right injustice — his ability to organize helped my family break out of poverty and get into the middle class.

Today, nearly 50,000 members of his same union are on strike against General Motors, fighting for fair wages, better benefits, and the reversal of plant closures that have decimated communities across our country.

I believe that our country is stronger when our workers can organize and join unions. Add your name if you’re with me.

When I’m president, I’ll make sure that workers are empowered again starting on Day One.

But right now in our country, unions are under attack from large corporations, Republicans in Congress, and a conservative Supreme Court. Just this morning, Donald Trump showed a complete lack of respect for the dignity of work when he tweeted about the strike.

Corporate power and wealth are growing while workers’ wages are stagnant. And we’ve seen so many Republican-led states undermine the ability of people to organize their workplaces. The right to unionize is sacred in our country, and right now it’s under assault.

We must take a stand for what’s right and join UAW workers in solidarity.

If you’re with me, add your name to show that you believe we should protect a worker’s right to unionize. Sign my petition to stand up for people Trump has forgotten.


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