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Dear friends:

As California certifies its election results, I know we are all disappointed to have come up short of our goal in California’s 4th District. But we should also celebrate the history we made together:

  • At 194,731 votes, we won the most votes EVER by a non-incumbent from EITHER party in CA-04 — and the sixth highest total EVER among all candidates since 1872.


  • In California, we received more votes than any other Democratic challenger in the state. We also received more votes than 22 winning congressional candidates, including the House Minority Leader.


  • Over 442,000 votes were cast in CA-04 — that’s more than any other congressional district in California — EVER.

To be sure, these successes came against tremendous headwinds. COVID-19 changed almost every aspect of how we ran this campaign. We faced a $250,000 deluge of dark money attacks in the final weeks. And although we had substantially less money to spend on advertising or turnout than comparable campaigns across our country, we persevered together and united Democrats, Independents, and many Republicans behind a different kind of politics that puts community first.

I’m so proud of the campaign we ran. But we still need your help to pay our last remaining bills. Can you chip in $5, $10, $25 or any amount to help us close out 2020?


Between now and 2022, congressional district lines will be redrawn. But the cause of real representation for the Sacramento suburbs, the Foothills, Gold Country, Mother Lode and the Sierra will endure. We know we deserve better than we’ve been getting from D.C. partisans, and together in 2020, we built a historic foundation that is uniquely positioned to deliver that kind of change.

So what comes next? First, we need to begin work now to register the large number of new voters who are coming of age or relocating to our communities. And I hope — if you are not already — that you will consider joining a local club, getting involved in the work of local policy making or helping candidates for nonpartisan local offices like County Supervisor, City Council, and School Board. This work has never been more important.

Many have asked if I will consider running again. As I said just days after the election, I am committed to finding ways to serve the people of our community. This includes the possibility of mounting another candidacy for Congress, though I do not expect to formalize any decision for a few months.

For now, I am committed to standing alongside so many new friends and neighbors in the work of supporting the incoming administration, and helping our community heal and recover. I’ll keep working to bridge political divides and mobilize support for an agenda that brings Americans together.

So as this next phase begins, I want you to know that I am forever grateful to our tireless staff, dedicated volunteers, donors, and so many supporters who made history in this election. It is because of you that I have never been more optimistic about the future we can build for our community and our country.

Thank you,


P.S. If you can, please consider chipping in to help us pay our last few remaining bills from the 2020 campaign. Thank you again for all of your support!




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