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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.

From: Pete Buttigieg <> 
Subject: We hit the 65,000 donor goal
We did it: We hit the 65,000 donor goal. Thank you. I’m so grateful for your support. 
When we first learned about the DNC’s requirement of 65,000 individual donors in order to be invited to the debate stage in June, we weren’t even close. 
The size of our email list was about a third of that, and our social audiences (combined) were about half. I didn’t have the network of a millionaire, nor was I well known.
But we are building a community that believes in this bold vision for the future, and there are tens of thousands of people (76,025 to be exact) around the country who invested because they believe a midwestern, millennial, war veteran, mayoral voice should be a part of the conversation.
You helped us get to the 65,000 donor requirement, and I promise to do my part on that stage. I will prepare. I will speak with conviction. I will answer questions fully and honestly. I won’t be petty or disingenuous. We saw what a national audience from the CNN Town Hall can do for awareness and fundraising — the debates will help, too.
But we are going to need to raise (a lot) more money in order to actually be able to compete. I know I can hold my own on the debate stage and represent your values with honor and integrity, but I need to know we can build a strong organization, too. 
Will you commit to be a part of our fundraising efforts? We don’t just want you to “double down,” or “chip in.” We want to know how you can help make a difference to our efforts — not just right now, but also next month, next quarter, and next year.
Our fundraising efforts are far from over — they are just beginning — and I need you to own this with us. If we can make this something we do together, we can commit to doing online fundraising differently — authentically, like real people, not optimized algorithms. 
As always, I’ll be honest and transparent with you about deadlines, and our team will lay out clear strategies for how we’ll meet our goals. 
Claiming ownership over our fundraising goal does not mean donating over and over and over again, although we are going to ask you to help when you can.
If we only received donations from folks on this email list, we wouldn’t have made it to our goal yet. Your own donations got us pretty far, but it was the organizing work you did building our community through the Grassroots Fundraising Team; sharing on social media; and talking with, texting, and emailing your friends and family that truly made the difference. 
98% of all the donations we received were under $200, and 66% of the total amount raised came in through contributions under $200. These type of metrics show widespread support. That’s because of the organizing work you’ve done.
Please tell us how you can continue to help reach our fundraising goals: 
Thanks again, 


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