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It’s pretty simple.

Washington can’t solve the problems real people face when the halls of Congress are overrun by corporations. That’s why I promised I wouldn’t take a dime from corporate PACs to fund my campaign.

Our last representative was in the pockets of big oil and insurance companies. And look what happened. Working families, farmers, people struggling with prolonged illness — they came dead last in Congress. But then you came along, Michael.

You helped prove that when enough people come together and stand up to the corporate powers — we CAN win. And better yet, we can make sure Congress continues to stay focused on our shared priorities — not corporate interests.

Will you make a $10 contribution today? Your sustained support will ensure we can continue going toe-to-toe with the deep-pocketed corporate interest.

Donate $10

Here’s the blunt truth: The folks we kicked to the curb last cycle have NOT given up on retaking this seat. Not one bit. In fact, Republicans have already listed me as a “top target” headed into 2020, and they’re already lobbing deceitful attacks at me in the local media.

Is it underhanded? Of course. Do we need to fight back? Absolutely.

The good news is we have something they never will: an incredible grassroots team that’s proven it can win the tough fights in order to advance real policies that help real people. I’m hoping you’ll step up today:

Can you make a donation? Let’s call it $10. But whatever you can give will ensure we have a representative in Congress focused on our priorities — not corporate interests.

Thanks for everything,

TJ Cox


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