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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


TULSI 2020


Dear Friend,

Thank you! Today, we hit our 65,000 donor goal! 

Hitting this goal means that I will be able to stand on the debate stage in June and bring our campaign’s vision for America — with peace and prosperity for all — to an even larger audience. We could not have done it without you and every volunteer and supporter who has chosen to stand with us.

In a few days — on my 38th birthday, April 12 — campaign volunteers around the country are finding opportunities to serve in their communities. It’s the best birthday present I can think of and the way I want to celebrate reaching this historic milestone of 65,000 donors to our campaign.

Will you join us? Click here to pledge to make April 12 a day of service wherever you live. 

I’m excited to see you in action, and share your photos and stories of service. Be sure to sign up, then tag your photos on social media #ServiceAboveSelf.

When we first heard about the DNC’s requirement of 65,000 individual donors to make it to the debate state in June, we had a small list and a bootstrapped team. The fact that we have reached this goal now, hailing from Hawaii and refusing to take any money from PACs, is huge.

We don’t have many of the built in advantages of other candidates in the race. But we are succeeding because we stand strong for what the American people want and need: leadership free from corruption and warmongering, that puts people before profits; leaders who will not drag us into one regime change war after another, inflaming the new Cold War and nuclear arms race that has been and will continue to drain trillions of dollars from our economy and threaten our communities, nation, and planet.  

The American people deserve leaders that put service before self. So this weekend, let’s put that attitude of service into action in our communities. Let’s be examples of the spirit we need in this country, whether that’s by cleaning up a neighborhood park or beach, volunteering for the day at a senior citizen center or animal shelter, starting a community garden, or organizing meals for the houseless. 

Please join us on April 12 in serving our communities or others in a practical way so we can live the values we want to see in the world, which are the reasons we began this campaign.

Thank you for all you do,



PO Box 75255 Kapolei HI 96707

The truth is that email is one of the most important tools we have to update supporters like you. It is one way we come together as a community of progressives to make change in this world.  Finally, if you believe we need to end the culture of corruption and greed in Washington, then now is the time to make a contribution to TULSI 2020. If you’d like to make a recurring contribution to TULSI 2020, please click here.