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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.



Friend —
Holy cow—we did it!  We reached 65,000 individual donors more than two months before the May 15th deadline!  Not only did we raise 65,000 individual donations, we also raised over $750,000 in the last month.  Incredible!  Thank you so much for everything you did to make it happen.
This all but assures that I will be in the DNC Primary Debates in June/July.  We were at only 15,000 donors in February.  We received 50,000 new donors in a month!
Someone said to me that making the debates might be one of the greatest acts of political entrepreneurship in modern history.  Given where we started, he might be right.  We should reflect on how remarkable this achievement is.  It wouldn’t have happened without you sharing this campaign with your friends each day.
Reaching this point is historic.  But we can’t rest on our laurels.  First, the DNC has said that if more than 20 candidates meet their threshold, they will eliminate the bottom candidates.  So we still have to push to make the polls.
Second, the DNC has yet to announce the qualifications for the next round of debates in September.  We know the bar will be higher to cut the number of candidates.
Last and most important, we are about much more than making the debate stage.  We are about rewriting the rules of the economy to work for us—the citizens and shareholders of this country.  We are about modernizing our government and society to address the true challenges of the 21st century.  We are about winning the whole race.
I’ll admit to have gotten addicted to watching my little animated donation counter go up each day.  We are bringing it back with a new, much higher goal. After we break through that, we will celebrate again.
I arrived here in Iowa yesterday after campaigning in Austin and Houston, including speaking at SXSW and a rally in Austin that drew over 500 people.
Andrew Yang on stage in Austin, addressing a crowd on his  platform
Andrew Yang shakes hands from the stage with supporters after his  speech in Austin
We will be having a rally in San Francisco on Friday (with Leslie Smith!) that already has more than 3,000 people signed up.  Our campaign is growing stronger all the time.
It’s hard to believe that we got to 65,000 donors so quickly.  And we haven’t even gotten started.  We’re setting a new goal of 200k donors ahead of the debates—let’s build a movement.  Let’s show what human beings can do and shock the world in 2020.
Preparing for a debate in June thanks to you,
Andrew Yang's Signature
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