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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Thanks to you and your support, Fresno dem club, we reached our important February fundraising goal. With your help, we’re building a strong campaign from the ground up.

Yesterday, we spent time on the campaign trail in Las Vegas — of course, we had to stop for some tacos and conversations with Nevadans.

Then, I joined Star Jones for a conversation at the Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit. My main takeaway: leadership should not be about using your power to belittle and bully. It should be about lifting people up.

We then headed to our Las Vegas town hall, where more than 700 Nevadans joined us for a conversation about the big challenges facing our country right now — and how we all must come together at this inflection point in our nation’s history to do what is right.

We spoke about combating rising health care costs and what it will take to pass Medicare for All. How we are fighting for an America where you only have to work one job to pay the bills, where hard work is rewarded, and where any worker can join a union.

And I spoke directly to a young girl in the audience who wondered what it’s like to run for president. I told her that running for president is very uplifting because I get to meet the angels who walk among us: the people who could be doing a million other things but they choose to come to a town hall or get engaged. 

Your contributions are making it possible for us to build a winning campaign — and I am so grateful for your support.

For The People,

— Kamala

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