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Robert Mueller’s full report MUST be released to the public. Sign our urgent petition to demand the release of the Mueller report now.

The American people deserve to see all the facts so they can judge for themselves. There’s too much at stake.

Here’s what we already know: The Mueller investigation has resulted in the indictment of more than 30 people and revealed a pattern of disturbing, secretive contact between Trump’s inner circle, Russia, and WikiLeaks. Americans deserve answers.

Add your name to demand the release of the Mueller report now.


I want to be clear: We absolutely cannot trust the president or his team’s word when it comes to this story. That’s why Americans deserve to see the full Mueller report.

The Russian government’s assault on our democracy in 2016, with the DNC as its primary target, was nothing less than an attack on American voters. That’s why it’s critical we come together right now and demand the release of the full Mueller report.

Add your name now.

Together, we can make sure the American people know the truth about Russian interference in the 2016 election and the Trump campaign’s potential involvement.

Thanks for standing with us.


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee

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