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*** No candidate for U.S. Senate has been endorsed by the CDP ***

We’re 15 days away from one of the most important elections in the history of California. This is our opportunity to show the folks in Washington and nationwide that the Drumpf administration does not define our values.

Ballots are out and the stakes are high.

We’re not only fighting to preserve the progress we’ve made in California — we’re fighting to go further.

Because Medicare-for-All and meaningful immigration reform aren’t just a vision for California, they’re a pathway for the nation.

You may wonder what we can do with only 15 days to go before the June 5 primary — here’s my answer:

  1. Sign up to volunteer in your neighborhood
  2. Donations of $3 or $5 are critical in helping spread the word, make phone calls and help get people to the polls
  3. Forward this email to your friends and family

Turnout is key in this primary, and these last 15 days are where we’ll make the biggest impact.

Your time as a volunteer or your contribution as a donor are not just invaluable, they’re key to our victory.

Together, we’ll show California what real progressive values look like when we demand a change and disrupt the DC status quo.

Keep going,


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