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We All Deserve Clean Water

Dear Supporter,

We all expect to have clean tap water in our homes. Without current EPA water standards, we would risk becoming ill from contaminated water and spend time and money in Emergency Rooms.

Because of current EPA regulations, most public water systems do a good job protecting the public by eliminating bacteria and other germs that could cause acute diseases.

However,  chronic exposure to chemical pollutants in water can be disastrous.  Lead poisoning lowers the IQ of our children and causes learning disorders.  Arsenic shortens our life expectancy. Industrial solvents cause cancer.

My opponent, Tom McClintock, has consistently voted against clean water measures. In fact, he has voted to make it easier for big polluters to legally pollute water by weakening current regulation standards.

As a doctor I care about your health.  I pledge to fight for clean water and to give the Environmental Protection Agency the teeth it needs to do its job.

Thank you for your support, and please donate  to help make my campaign for the US Congress a success.



Campaign Schedule

We are starting a Ten To Win Tour.  Beginning in Alpine County on September 7 and ending on September 20 in Fresno County, I will be visiting communities in all 10 counties in District 4.  Go to our website and Face Book to see a detailed itinerary.  Join us on the road for some fun and tell me what your concerns are.

I will be speaking in Rocklin at the CARA Candidate forum on September 14. Details on this Website

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