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The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee has not endorsed any candidate in this race.


Asif Mahmood

Like many of you I watched with excitement as the election results from races across the country came in last night, many of them important victories for Democrats. Seeing the energy behind those victories shows me that we can take back our country, and create meaningful changes in the lives of Californians.

I had the chance to talk about my hopes for California this week on KSEE in Fresno. I talked about the principles of my campaign for Lieutenant Governor: healthcare, education, and standing up for immigrant communities.

Click below to watch my interview with KSEE, then make a contribution to my campaign to ensure I have the resources I need to make a difference in California.

As a physician for over 20 years, I’ve made it my mission to help those in my community. Growing up in Pakistan, my parents instilled in me that helping others is the highest calling in life. I made every effort to follow that advice in my career: that meant never billing patients who didn’t have insurance, and working in free clinics to help those most in need.

I’m running for Lieutenant Governor to help even more Californians. I’ve seen too many families struggle financially and be forced to make impossible decisions about their healthcare: that’s why I’m dedicated to making healthcare a right for everyone in our state.

California is the wealthiest state in the union: there’s no reason we can’t make sure healthcare is a right for everyone. And as your next Lieutenant Governor, I’ll do everything I can to fight for a more progressive future for healthcare.

I can’t do it alone: step up and make a grassroots donation now. Together, we can ensure California is a place where worrying about affordable and accessible healthcare is a thing of the past.

Peace be with you,

Dr. Asif Mahmood,
Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of California