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*** No candidate for Attorney General has been endorsed by the CDP ***


KVIE’s Studio Sacramento recently interviewed Dave Jones about his consumer protection and law enforcement work as Insurance Commissioner and his priorities for the office of Attorney General.

KVIE Studio Sacramento – Dave Jones

As a leader of a law enforcement agency, Dave understands how badly California’s criminal justice system needs to be reformed.

“The truth of the matter is most people that are put in prison are ultimately going to come back to the community. The question is, what are we going to do to make sure they don’t re-offend? If we do nothing, they’re likely to re-offend, crime levels go up, and we have a mess on our hands.”

Dave argues that without more mental health and substance abuse treatment, education, job training, jobs and housing for those coming out of the criminal justice system, they are likely to re-offend and crime levels will increase.

Dave also talked about his strong record of consumer protection as Insurance Commissioner, including saving consumers $3.1 billion in rates, implementing healthcare reform and insuring 5 million more Californians, and arresting 7,000 individuals for various forms of white-collar fraud.

Dave also discussed California’s current fights with the federal government.

“One of the big challenges right now is we have a new federal administration that is trying to undermine health care reform and undo everything that California has done to make it possible for 5 million Californians to have health insurance for the first time,” Jones said. “We’re literally battling the Trump administration…and doing everything we can to protect California. The president is doing everything he can to try to undermine.”

Dave also said that California is doing “the right thing” in adopting a sanctuary state and sanctuary city laws, and the Trump Administration’s deportation of immigrants whose only crime is to be undocumented “is simply wrong.”

“Fundamentally, this job is about justice and doing justice for Californians,” Jones said. “I’ve been preparing all my life for this job.”

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